Friday, July 19, 2013


As I am not a bragger, I am going to let this picture do the talking ....

16 weeks pregnant at the Sea of Galilee, Israel. 
 P.S. No humans were harmed in the taking of this photo!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Confession....I am a sleepy head!!

I must confess that there have been many possible posts that I could have written for this "confession" challenge. In fact, in my head I had written a posts titled "My secret addiction to stress" and "As much as I hate to admit it, I am my mother's daughter". Both of those post are a lot more "serious" and I want to keep my summer blogging light and fun (as long as @happycampergirl keeps giving us fun topics for this years Kinderblog challenge). is my confession, I AM a napper!! There is nothing I LOVE more than coming home after school or on the weekend and lying on the couch for a nap! There is something so refreshing about taking a 30-60 minute power nap in the afternoon, I just cant explain it! I have been know to plan my days around naps, I schedule evening activities (such as gym workouts) for later in the day so I can sneak in a nap.And I am not ashamed to admit this!

As a full day Kindergarten teacher, people often ask me if my kids get a nap time. Ironically, the answer is no! I know that lots of teachers do have a designated "quiet" or "rest" time in their class, but it has never worked for me (mostly because I worry that I may fall asleep). Having said that, we do have"silent" reading time after lunch and I do tend to make my afternoon activities less strenuous than the morning ones and in 3 years of teaching full day K, not 1 child has asked for a nap.

People assume this napping thing is new because "you are pregnant, its ok to nap", but when I tell them its not new, they seem shocked. I tell people I have been napping in the afternoon for years, pregnancy has just made it "OK" in people minds. The other confession I have is that I hope my child is a good napper, because I don't see me giving up my afternoon nap any time soon! 

And yes, I live with 2 cats who do this often!!!!