Sunday, July 14, 2013

Confession....I am a sleepy head!!

I must confess that there have been many possible posts that I could have written for this "confession" challenge. In fact, in my head I had written a posts titled "My secret addiction to stress" and "As much as I hate to admit it, I am my mother's daughter". Both of those post are a lot more "serious" and I want to keep my summer blogging light and fun (as long as @happycampergirl keeps giving us fun topics for this years Kinderblog challenge). is my confession, I AM a napper!! There is nothing I LOVE more than coming home after school or on the weekend and lying on the couch for a nap! There is something so refreshing about taking a 30-60 minute power nap in the afternoon, I just cant explain it! I have been know to plan my days around naps, I schedule evening activities (such as gym workouts) for later in the day so I can sneak in a nap.And I am not ashamed to admit this!

As a full day Kindergarten teacher, people often ask me if my kids get a nap time. Ironically, the answer is no! I know that lots of teachers do have a designated "quiet" or "rest" time in their class, but it has never worked for me (mostly because I worry that I may fall asleep). Having said that, we do have"silent" reading time after lunch and I do tend to make my afternoon activities less strenuous than the morning ones and in 3 years of teaching full day K, not 1 child has asked for a nap.

People assume this napping thing is new because "you are pregnant, its ok to nap", but when I tell them its not new, they seem shocked. I tell people I have been napping in the afternoon for years, pregnancy has just made it "OK" in people minds. The other confession I have is that I hope my child is a good napper, because I don't see me giving up my afternoon nap any time soon! 

And yes, I live with 2 cats who do this often!!!!

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