Monday, August 13, 2012

All good things must come to an end......for now!

I am fortunate to belong to a tightly knit extended family on my husband's side and in the past 13 months, there have been NUMEROUS occasions for us all (or at least most of us) to get together and celebrate. This is the time we all dread...heading back to our respective cities with the hope that we be reunited sooner than later.

Last year my husband and I were married and we were fortunate to have many relatives from his side from Toronto, Ottawa, England and Israel attend our wedding. While there were some cousins missing, we had a great time and knew that those cousins would be coming out this year. Here are some pics from our wedding May 22, 2011

One of my favs 
This pic is so wrong, but so right
First Dance

Starting in the middle of July, his side started arriving again...this time for 2 weddings in the span of 2 weeks! That may sound crazy to most families, but in this case it made a lot of sense. My husband's brother and sister were both married in a 14 day span in two different cities (Vancouver and Toronto)!!! This allowed most of the family to attend both weddings, but on one trip. While at times it was overwhelming being around that many people who all speak another language (if I am lucky, I can pick out key words), it was wonderful to be surrounded by that many people who all love each other!

Some pics from his sister's wedding at Vancouver's VanDusen Gardens - July 29, 2012

Us at the wedding

Sealed with a kiss

Siblings :)

With 1 week "off" to recover, we all made the trek from Vancouver to Toronto to continue the party! One cousin returned to Israel, an uncle arrived (from Israel) and two more second cousins (from Israel) came to join the festivities! For those of you who aren't familiar with Jewish weddings, it is more than a one day event! For each of the 3 weddings, there was a Friday dinner, a Saturday dinner and finally the wedding on Sunday.

Some pics from his brother's wedding at Toronto's Liberty Grand - August 12,2012

Us before the wedding
Mazel Tov!!! With a Scottish twist! 

First Dance
 Tonight was the beginning of the painful process where we must all start parting ways and head back to "normal life." The tears started flowing with the realization that it may be a long time before all the cousins are back together in the same city. While there is another wedding coming up in May in Israel, we may not all be able to make it due to "real life". I have had a wonderful time getting to know all of my husband's first cousins on his dad's side and I am saddened that these people have only been in my life for a short time.

The next happy couple - May 2013 in Israel

While I am sure we will keep in touch through Facebook, it won't be the same as it has been these past 3 weeks. It makes me realize just how special family (especially cousins) is and how much I miss spending time with mine. Many people over the past few weeks have talked about how fast time is flying and how important family is....these past 3 weeks have really reminded me of this. Family is too important and special to take for granted and you need to enjoy and appreciate the time you have together!

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